Lessons from a broken toilet

Do you know how much I know about plumbing? Zilt. So the toilet broke in our office. Many things can break…but not the toilet. We see too many pregnant patients, too many toddlers that are [...]



You know who inspired us to create this awesome fall campaign? Walgreens and CVS! Before you commit us to the insane asylum, hear us out : ) If I told you “I got it”, would you know what I’m [...]



Lesson 1: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. TRUTH. I have been working in the emergency room practicing medicine for over 10 years. You need different [...]


The Dirt on Dirt

My children are always dirty, and I brag about this constantly. “Parents are given this erroneous message that they are not good parents unless they are being obsessive about how clean [...]


Thanks, but No Thanks

We are grateful. Very grateful. Many families are eternally grateful. Sad part is, you will very rarely hear about them. When we opened the doors to this amazing place of hope and healing 15 [...]