Meet the team at McKinley Chiropractic.

We are your neighborhood’s vitalistic-based staff. Our phenomenal colleagues are experts in their fields. Because of their commitment and training to the principles of chiropractic wholeness, we are able to offer top-of-the-line services in a wide range of specialties.

Dr. Heath McKinley

Dr. McKinley has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 20 years. His mission is to empower as many people as possible to experience their optimal health potential through genuine care and education. Learn More >>

Dr. Matthew Ray

Dr. Matthew Ray has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 10 years. Born and raised in South Africa he has been brought up with a chiropractic lifestyle due to the fact his father is a Chiropractor and went to the same School as he did (Palmer College of Chiropractic). Learn More >>

Valerie Gonzalez

McKinley Chiropractic Office Manager

Valerie is the Health Investment Specialist and Chiropractic Assistant at McKinley Chiropractic. Valerie has 10 years of experience in the natural health and wellness field and 8 years at our office. She has earned her Associates Degree in Science and working on her Bachelors in Nutrition. Valerie is also currently working on becoming our Radiographic Technician for our office. Valerie is very passionate about Chiropractic Care and her goal is to educate as many people as she can on the benefits of an adjustment, as well as on healing methods that lessen the intake of unnecessary medicine.

In her spare time, Valerie enjoys spending time with her son Tyler and traveling. Valerie has a real passion for health and fitness. She loves working out at 5:30am at Windy City CrossFit. Val believes that we all should be pushing our bodies whether it is in the gym or in everyday life. Her biggest personal goal is to inspire and motivate single mothers to be successful independent woman and live a high quality life with their family.
If you have any questions…She will most likely have the answers!

Jazmine Enriquez

This is Jazmine Enriquez but everyone calls her Jaz for short. She is the front desk receptionist, the first person you’ll see smiling ready welcome you in. Jaz is eager to learn and is continuously learning more about Chiropractic care. Jaz loves meeting new amazing people and helping them out with any questions they may have. (Jazz used to have severe Vertigo, but chiropractic care has helped her resolve that health issue. Jaz loves sharing her own experience with patients to help them feel at home here at MFC. ) (Jaz has had her own experience) and loves to share her experience on how chiropractic care has helped her. It’s rewarding for her to see patients’ progress. Jaz will make sure you leave our office with the best experience!

Jaz enjoys working out, traveling and picking up a good book on her free time. Jaz speaks Spanish and loves to dance. She takes pride in being a big sister and loves making memories with her family and friends.

Diana Villegas

Chiropractic care was very new to me when I started working here. Now that I know first hand of its benefits I can’t imagine not going to the chiropractor for better health! Through chiropractic care, I have begun to understand how all stressors take a toll on the body. Being a part of the front desk at MFC has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, hear their chiropractic stories and share my own.

I love spending time with my family and friends. In my free time, I enjoy working out outdoors, one of my favorite places is Swallow Cliff in Palos Heights. I have always had an interest in the human body and obtained my Associates Degree in Science. I love to travel, it has become a great way to reconnect with myself through the lens of a new environment.

Phil Braun

Phil Braun has been a patient at McKinley Chiro since he moved to Chicago almost 10 years ago. He is happy to now be on the team here at the office as the Community Relations Coordinator. If you scroll past any photos or videos on your Facebook or Instagram feed, that’s his arena. He loves puns and the power of laughter; we love that new energy he brings to the office. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Phil’s Dad is also a doctor of Chiropractic, so Phil has literally grown up with health and wellness as his middle name. Phil is also the king of office swag:)