Our Process:

Over the course of 2 different visits, we get to know you and your health concerns. We have cutting edge technologies (EMG, digital X-rays, muscle analysis) and together with the clinical and humanistic aspect, we devise your very own easy to follow health plan.

For some of you, a meeting with us may be your first experience with a “natural doctor”. We promise to walk you through each step of the way and answer any reservations you may have regarding our recommendations for care.

To get started, you’ll follow these simple steps:

  • Schedule your first appointment (773) 583 4325 (plan on 45 minutes).
  • If you filed online forms, then plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to schedule time. Otherwise, you can fill out the forms at our office by arriving 15 minutes prior to your schedule appointment time.
  • *Schedule your second visit to go through there report of our findings. If your case gets accepted by our of doctors, they will recommend a detailed personalized health plan.
  • Start care! Start living!