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by floodlightseo


Categories: Uncategorized

by floodlightseo


1). Get outside: amongst all therapies that have ever been studied (including during the Spanish flu pandemia) and the one that nobody disputes is the importance of fresh air and Vitamin D. Go for a bike-ride (my dad bought one for himself at age 72!), for a run, or find a distant forest and get lost in it!

2). Get Rest: and just enough of it…but don’t be a slouch in the couch!

3). Eat healthily:  Look. There is no way of telling if this vitamin or that seed will make you grow wings or give you other superpowers (although I do believe that for realz some foods are magical). But what I can tell you for sure is that crappy bugs thrive on crappy environments that feed off crappy foods.

4). Break a sweat. Just like the body makes itself febrile to kill off infections and make the environment inhospitable for infective organisms, so does increasing your core temperature by moving around.

5). Meditate. Ponder. Reflect. Self examine. Spend quite time.

6). Affirmations. Lets do these together:

“I am strong. And unless we are talking about a beer, there is no room in my body for any virulent pathogen”.

7). Humor heals. See above and below:

“Can the coronavirus be called the Kung Flu?”.
“I used to silence my farts with a cough. Now I would rather fart to silence my cough”.

8). Call friends. We are social creatures and Thrive on social interactions. Use your phone smartly (no pun intended).

9). Read a book.

10). Dance.

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