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10 Minute Lunch & Learn
Employee Appreciation Station

10 Minute Lunch & Learn

Our mission is to empower the community with wellness education by hosting COMPLIMENTARY company workshops presented by wellness experts, Dr. McKinley & Dr. Ray.

What to expect at the Wellness workshop:

  • A vibrant, 10 minute presentation by one of our wellness experts
  • Health tips to improve energy, focus and well being
  • Easy-to-implement steps to a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Tools that encourage positive health decisions to reach your wellness goals

We offer the following add-on topics to your Lunch & Learn

-Abundant Energy
5 tips to natural boost your energy that you can implement same day! (our most popular!)

-Abundant Nutrition
A quick look at acidity and how you can burn fat faster without counting calories

-2020 Ergonomics
How to properly sit or stand at your desk and how it relates to your spinal health

-Teacher PD day
Specifically designed for CPS teacher during their long PD (professional development days)

Customize your talk directly with one of our doctors

We strive to help everyone reach their own unique health potential to live their BEST Life both at home & at the workplace!

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Employee Appreciation Station

For our EAS , one of our great doctors, will show up on site with a portable table and give personalized trigger point massage with state of the art Theragun technology, in 7 to 10 minutes intervals for those who wish to be pampered.  Furthermore, anyone with a injury or health issue will be given a complimentary screening, to see if further testing would be indicated.

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Raving Fans

The Employee Appreciation Station was Amazing. My employees want us to do it every month now! The docs were super helpful, and the 10 minute lunch n learn was crazy good! I don’t see any Diet Cokes on their desks anymore!” We can’t wait to have them back again soon!”
Dane and Veronica Buitron, CEO and founding partners of TangoCode
Best Health Advice I could have asked for! Simple to fit into our PD day, and actually made it a nice break to refresh and focus. Plus, the trigger point massage and health screening was a sweet pampering bonus for my overworked teachers.”
James Gray, Principal, Hamilton Elementary School CPS

OMG, I’m so happy I had Dr. McKinley come in and talk to my IT department!  I’ve never been thanked so much in my years working here….I’ll definitely have them come back again!”

Kelly Weiss, IT Dept Manager, Chicago Archdiocese

Inviting Dr. McKinley to my company to share his knowledge and passion was easy to set up and got exceptional feedback. So many coworkers came up to me thanking me for the introduction. many of my colleagues and I are healthier and more knowledgable about making healthy decisions because of being clients of McKinley Chiropractic!”

Jill Hinrichs, Talent Development Manager, Mérieux NutriSciences

We did both the 10 Minute Lunch & Learn and Employee Appreciation Station. My staff was thrilled with there service.If you are looking for something great & healthy to do for your employees this is Great!”

Austin Chaves, CEO/ Founder, Resource Point Of Sale

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