Old Irving Park, Chicago

The very peaceful neighborhood, Old Irving Park, is located on Chicago’s northwest side and minutes away from McKinley Family Chiropractic offers vintage properties on huge tracts of land with easy access to the downtown Loop and O’Hare International Airport.  The neighborhood of Old Irving Park comprises a small area of the main Irving Park neighborhood where historic architectural designs meet modern construction.  You can find buildings that were established in the late 19th century alongside contemporary townhomes and condos.  Don’t let Old Irving Park fool you because underneath the quaint appearance lies a bustling commercial center.  You can find a lot of shops and business establishments like the ever-popular Six Corners Plaza, a retail hub where you can find stores like Sears and Office Depot.

The food scene in Old Irving Park definitely does not disappoint as it offers many options for the discerning diner.  Check out Hot Woks Cool Sushi which is quite close to the Irving Park Blue Line stop, it boasts huge menu options ranging from Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines.  If you want something unique go check out Smoque BBQ, located on the southeastern border of Old Irving Park.  This is a BYOB place that makes art out of barbecue. It offers brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs and yummy baby back ribs.  Old Irving Park is also home to three breweries which is a testament of the popularity of craft beer in Chicago. The Old Irving Brewing Co. located on Montrose Avenue, the northern border of the neighborhood offers a good selection of beers and food options. Do also check out ERIS Brewery and Cider House and the Lake Effect Brewing Company which offers a year-round collection of seasonal craft beers.

Old Irving Park History

Development of Old Irving Park began in 1869 when Charles T. Race, a local businessman together with a group of developers purchased two parcels of farmland amounting to two hundred acres.  Initially, they planned to farm the land but the astute businessman convinced his partners to instead develop the area as an exclusive suburban community.  As in any settlement, transportation is a vital aspect to attracting settlers, the group worked out a deal with the Chicago & North Western Railroad where the developers will build a railway station, on their land as long as the railroad company will agree to offer a stop at the new station to ferry passengers going downtown and beyond.  This new suburb immediately attracted many wealthy Chicago families, who were looking for more land to erect their huge homes.  It also was attractive to the middle class, who looked for respite from the stress of city life. When the Great Chicago Fire wreaked havoc in 1871, many families moved to the area resulting to the establishment of several mansions built along Irving Park Boulevard.

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Dr. McKinley has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 16 years. His mission is to empower as many people as possible to experience their optimal health potential through genuine care and education.

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Dr. Matthew Ray has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 6 years. Born and raised in South Africa, he has been brought up with a chiropractic lifestyle due to the fact his father is a Chiropractor and went to the same School as he did (Palmer College of Chiropractic).

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