Kosciuszko (Thadeuz) Park

Kosciuszko (Thadeuz) Park, located at 2732 N. Avers Avenue, is just a short drive from McKinley Family Chiropractic in the city of Chicago. The park consists of nine acres of land and is part of the Logan Square community with the northern border touching Diversey Avenue and the western border touching one block east of Pulaski Road. Kosciuszko Park features a large fieldhouse with an indoor pool and gymnasium. There is also an assembly hall with a stage, small kitchen, and club rooms available to rent for special events as well as four baseball and softball fields, a combination football/soccer field, tennis court, artificial turf soccer field, and a soft-surface ADA-accessible playground with spray feature.

Kosciuszko (Thadeuz) Park

Dedicated in 1916, Kosciuszko (Thadeuz) Park was named after Polish patriot Thadeuz Kosciuszko. He came to America in 1776 and shortly afterwards, was commissioned colonel of engineers by the Continental Congress. He was instrumental in building fortifications at Saratoga and other strategic areas along the Hudson River. Due to his efforts, he was awarded United States citizenship and was also promoted to the rank of brigadier general.

Kosciuszko Park, affectionately known in the community as “Koz,” is widely known for its special recreation programs and ADA-accessible facilities for the disabled, including training for the Special Olympics. Additionally, the park offers many sports activities, such as baseball, basketball, football, martial arts, and aquatic programs that are available throughout the year. There are also social clubs for both pre-teens and teenagers, for example the well-known Go Girl Go program, in addition to a variety of programs for toddlers and preschoolers. On the cultural side, Koz Park hosts Kraft Great Kids Family Night Out to connect visitors to the marvels of Chicago’s museums. Kosciuszko was one of 22 commissioned parks consolidated into the Chicago Park District in 1934 and one of the original parks of the Northwest Park District.

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Kosciuszko (Thadeuz) Park

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