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The gorgeous north side Chicago neighborhood, Irving Park, located near McKinley Family Chiropractic was originally planned as a suburb but has somewhat retained most of its idyllic charm while also providing all the amenities that big city life offers.  While it is no longer part of Chicago’s central Loop, it still offers its very own commercial district that offers a nice selection of specialty shops and businesses.  Irving Park offers active nightlife when the sun goes down. You can find several live music acts that draw ample crowds.  The music ranges from jazz, to rock, and hip hop. Many places are great for hanging out with a nice cold beer with very friendly customer service.  There are also a number of restaurants to satisfy your hunger before heading out to the bars.  You can choose from an array of cuisines ranging from Mexican, German, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and good old American food.  There are even Bosnian and Serbian dishes being served as well. With your stomach as your guide, you will definitely find Irving Park to be a very attractive Chicago neighborhood.

Irving Park History

Irving Park is known to be one of 77 officially designated Chicago community areas found on the Northwest Side. The area is bounded on the east by the Chicago River, on the west by the Milwaukee Road railroad tracks, on the south by Addison Street and on the north by Montrose Avenue, west of Pulaski Road stretching to include the area between Belmont Avenue on the south and, roughly Leland Avenue on the north.  The neighborhood was named after Washington Irving, a famous American author.

The development of Irving Park started in 1843 when Major Noble bought a 160-acre tract of land from Christopher J. Ward, wherein Noble started a farm.  Today, the boundaries of that original farm are Montrose Avenue to the North, Irving Park Road to the south, Pulaski Road to the east, and to the west by Kostner Avenue.  The home of Major Noble on the East Side of Elston just south of Montrose served also as the Buckthorn Tavern, offering travelers respite coming to and from Chicago along the North West Plank Road. Noble was quite successful at farming for many years until he retired and sold the land to McHenry County.

An agreement was reached with the Northwestern Railroad and Chicago to let trains stop in Irving Park if a station was built by developers.  The original name for the new suburb was actually “Irvington” after famed author Washington Irving but it was known that another town in Illinois already goes by that name and therefore, the name Irving Park was adopted.

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