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About Our Family Care

We, at McKinley Chiropractic, are proud to serve our community of patients live healthier and happier lives. Our purpose is to help your bodies natural ability to heal itself by correcting the cause. 

We treat the whole person and have absolute passion in knowing that you and your family are living life to your optimal potential. We empower families from age 0 to age 120. We heal. We help you thrive free from medications and surgeries.

Our Patients Love Us

Amazing Doctors, friendly staff, awesome environment! I highly recommend Dr. McKinley to anyone I know know is serious about their health.
Daniel Mukai, Chicago, IL
McKinley Chiropractic is the place to go for excellent chiropractic care in Chicago. As a practicing chiropractor, I send all my patient referrals who need a doctor in Chicago to Dr. McKinley & his team. The care & service is top notch!
Tim Weselak, Chicago, IL
The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. They are flexible with changing appointments, and get you in and out very fast. They are currently helping me heal from a sports related injury, and it has been very successful so far! I would recommend them to anyone from those looking to recover from an injury to those just looking to feel better in their body from day to day! I love this place!
Paulina Schmidtke, Chicago, IL

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    Our Doctors

    Dr. Heath McKinley

    Dr. McKinley has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 16 years. His mission is to empower as many people as possible to experience their optimal health potential through genuine care and education.

    Dr. Matthew Ray

    Dr. Matthew Ray has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 6 years. Born and raised in South Africa, he has been brought up with a chiropractic lifestyle due to the fact his father is a Chiropractor and went to the same School as he did (Palmer College of Chiropractic).

    Our Specialties


    If your new born has colic we can help reduce the discomfort. You should not have to deal with colic problems alone.


    Are your infant or child having problems with constipation? Let us help relieve them and get them back on a regular routine

    Ear Infections

    Ear infections in babies and children can be frustrating and overwhelming. Let us help you provide your child a healthier, infection free life style.

    Poor Sleep

    Are you having problems with your infant or child’s sleeping pattern? Sleep is very important for growth. We can help them sleep better and strengthen their immune.


    Attention disorder is common, but not incurable. We can assist in approving your child’s attention helping them keep up with their class mates.


    We don’t want to see your child suffer from breathing problems. Asthma too, is curable. We can help your child with their breathing and stamina.

    Bed Wetting

    Bed wetting is frustrating and embarrassing, especially for your child. Let us help put a stop to it and give your child more confidence.


    Have your child or infant been in an accident recently or have any physical disabilities. We specialize in rehabilitating adolescences with any kind of disability or injury.

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