Belmont Gardens, Chicago

While very modest in terms of size, Belmont Gardens offers an ideal place to live and raise a family. Just a few minutes away from McKinley Family Chiropractic in Irving Park, Chicago, this tiny community offers many bungalow-style properties and very peaceful and modern residential streets. Located on the panoramic northwest side of Chicago, Belmont Gardens offers families a safe and very comfortable place to live.

Belmont Gardens History

Belmont Gardens is a Chicago neighborhood that spans the community areas of Logan Square and Avondale similar to Kosciuszko Park.  The community is located within the northwest area, where the Pulaski Industrial Corridor meets the residential areas.  The boundaries of this community are held by Pulaski Road to the East, Union Pacific/Northwest rail line to the West, Belmont Avenue to the north, and finally Fullerton Avenue to the South.  In the late 1880s, most of the land area between Fullerton Avenue and Diversey Avenue including Kimball Avenue was empty. The area consisted mostly of rural “truck” farms” that littered most of Jefferson Township.  Things began to change in 1889 upon annexation by the city in anticipation of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 that would place the attention of the nation on Chicago.

The 1st urban development in Belmont Gardens happened because of the efforts of Homer Pennock, who established the industrial village of Pennock, Illinois.  Centered on Wrightwood Avenue, the name originally was supposed to be “Pennock Boulevard.” This was planned to be a huge industrial and residential district.  The development was so famous that the village was featured in a “History of Cook County, Illinois penned by Godspeed and Healy. When Pennock’s fortune declined, the district went with it too. It was so bad that the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the neighborhood describing it as “A Deserted Village in Chicago” in 1903.  The Healy Metra Station was actually named after this defunct settlement.

The demise of Homer Pennock’s industrial suburb did not deter Chicago’s quick expansion which transformed the area’s farmland into groups of homes and factory buildings.  The settlement was booming at the turn of the century which saw Belmont Gardens and Avondale located on the Northwestern edge of the Milwaukee Avenue “Polish Corridor”- a stretch of Polish settlement that encompassed the thoroughfare all the way from Polonia Triangle in Milwaukee Avenue, Division Street, and Ashland Avenue to Irving Park Road.

Due to its closeness to the rail along the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad, the area saw a lot of development that still survives in the city’s Pulaski Industrial Corridor.  Many people of Latino descent began settling in the community during the 1980s.

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Dr. McKinley has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 16 years. His mission is to empower as many people as possible to experience their optimal health potential through genuine care and education.

Dr. Matthew Ray

Dr. Matthew Ray has been committed to serving families in the Chicago area for the past 6 years. Born and raised in South Africa, he has been brought up with a chiropractic lifestyle due to the fact his father is a Chiropractor and went to the same School as he did (Palmer College of Chiropractic).

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