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by floodlightseo


Categories: Wellness Blog

by floodlightseo


Most people often associate chiropractic care with back or neck pain, but these conditions actually make up a small percentage of the overall patient base in our office. Chiropractors provide effective, corrective, care for a multitude of conditions. So, beyond back pain, what conditions do chiropractors treat? Good question, I will provide a basic overview of different conditions in this article.

Successfully Correcting…

What you may not be aware of is chiropractic’s success in correcting a number of non-soft tissue conditions like dysmenorrhea (painful menses), ulcers, migraine headaches, and ear infections in children. We know that many of these problems can be mimicked, aggravated and some times caused by disruptions in the nervous system as a result of spinal abnormalities. By correcting these spinal abnormalities, like the vertebral subluxation, chiropractic has helped millions of individuals overcome conditions beyond back pain and regain control of their lives.

The Naysayers

“How can you CURE a migrane or and ear infection with an adjustment to the spine?”.

First off, you must understand that our philosophical approach looks at the symptom (migrane in this example) as a signal/indicator from the body that something is wrong. Unlike allopathic medicine at your local hospital, we do not look at the symptom as the problem.

We like to use the analogy of a low oil/tire pressure indicator going off in your car. You may not like that the indicator went off, but its an important tool in understanding that you need to put oil in your car or fill the tires with air.

Symptoms helps us. Look, we are not saying we LIKE to have symptoms. We simply appreciate them for what they are….indicators from an intelligent, self healing, organism (YOU) that is in a compromised health state. We, as doctors of chiropractic, look to where we can improve function to the body by removing an interference to the nervous system. This can be with an adjustment or by giving some proper nutrition or lifestyle advice.

A number of studies support what I’m writing about in this article. In one such study, spinal manipulative therapy was compared with standard medical treatments for treatment of duodenal ulcers. The researchers Pikalov, MD, and Kharin, MD, found those subjects receiving spinal manipulations took an average of 16 days to heal vs. 26 days to heal in the standard medical treatment group. JMPT 1994;17(5):310-313

Get Involved

Chiropractors are extremely effective at correcting back and neck conditions but, as mentioned, this makes up a small percentage of the overall chiropractic patient base. Lets hear about your experience with chiropractic care for other conditions!

If you’re new to chiropractic that’s okay too. We’re happy to help answer your questions, please place a comment in the section below or call our office.

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