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by floodlightseo


Categories: Wellness Blog

by floodlightseo


When we are born most of us have been blessed with the gift of Health. However, there are only a few who know what is necessary and how to achieve optimal health….also, how to maintain optimal health. We are all born with a genetic health potential. If we could understand what can interfere with that potential, we can avoid such interference’s and keep our health potential at its highest level.

If only we were provided a manual when we were born on how to maintain our health at the optimum level, we would be free of diseases and other health issues that people experience through life. Like a brand new car for example, when you purchase a brand new vehicle they provide you a manual that explains how to maintain it. It specifies what must be done to enable the car to run at its optimum potential with minimal problems, so that it will last as long as possible. Its not like we have a glove compartment with a secret manual built in a baby when they are born to tell us when to “change the oil, rotate tires or get a tune-up.” We are taught neither what to maintain nor how to maintain it.

To understand how to obtain our highest optimum health potential, we first have to know what essentials of health are. To understand this subject we also have to understand what the essentials of life are. In terms of basic physiological essentials for survival we can name four our them: Water, Food, Oxygen and Nerve Impulse. Each are very essential and a person who is continuously being deprived of any of these for a long period of time can die. If any are interfered with, health will not be at its optimum.

So lets get into these subjects for a better understanding:


Did you know that your body is made up of 75% of water??? Not many people understand that water is used in almost every body reaction. If you stop all intakes of fluid you will die. If you drink unhealthy fluids like : caffeine, alcohol, additives, preservatives, dyes etc.. or insufficient amounts of fluids, your body’s health potential is decreased. On average people do not consume enough water on a day to day basis, you should always drink at least half your body weight in fluid ounces.

But when you are drinking water there are some things you should also look out for, try and avoid drinking tap water or even brita. There are chemicals in the tap water and brita can only filter so much of these chemicals and leaves the water more acidic. So what you would want to do is buy more spring water or Ph water which will help with the body in terms of balancing out the acidity. Another thing that you can do is put either lemons or cucumbers in the water, this helps alkalize the water and helps to balance out your PH in your body.


Food is the fuel and building block which is necessary for growth and reproduction of cells and tissues. It contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you deprive your body of any of these, you will die. You have to create a balance with these three because if you don’t your health will not be at its optimum level. What is another factor that you want to make sure of is the quality of food is there in order to live with an optimum level of health, the reason why i say this is because people are eating a lot more “Junk food or Fast food” because its convenient and easy rather than focusing on eating more organic which is more beneficial for the body and when provide your body with better foods, it allows your body to function better, to fight of ailments better and allows the body to be at its optimum level.


Oxygen is also used in almost every reaction of the body and is carried by the lungs and blood systems. Interference to these systems will restrict oxygen and can result in death. A really good way that we can get more oxygen is by exercise and deep breathing exercises which will provide more oxygen to our cells. When people are deprived of oxygen they can experience a multitude of different problems ranging from fatigue to cancer. Typically recent times people are spending a lot of time sitting for long periods of time in front of a desk and computer because that is part of their jobs, this does not allow the body to function at its optimum level. Little things you can do on a daily basis to help increase exercise or performing breathing exercise will make a difference in your overall health.

Here is a good example for people, when you think of exercise you think of going to the gym running on the treadmill, working on weights etc. This is a big misconception exercise can be a lot of different things. By allowing yourself to walk for long periods of time during the day and walking with an increased pace with your arms swaying is a good introduction to exercise. Opting to take the stairs rather then the elevator or escalator is also something you can incorporate to your daily activities.

Nerve Impulse:

Nerve impulse is the most commonly overlooked of the four essentials for life and health. We need a healthy nerve impulse to allow our body to send signals from the brain to the rest of your body, every cell tissue and organ. These electro-chemioal transmission from the brain is transmitted via the nervous system. It is the life force that keeps us alive and “charged”. All body function is dependent on this life force or brain impulse. Cells must be electrically charged in order to vibrate and function. If your brain stopped generating these electrical impulses, you would die.

When we have interference in the body the terminology chiropractors like to use is the term Subluxation. A subluxation prevents these nerve impulses to travel back and forth from the brain to the specific region where the interference is occurring. Years of allowing this dysfunction creates problems with the body and your body is not at its optimum level. People start to experience warning signs like headaches, digestive problems, back pain, anxiety etc.. this is your bodies way of telling us that there is something that is going wrong and needs to be addressed.

It is important to make sure that we are trying to maintain all four essentials of health so that we can live long and happier lives without pain or discomfort. We were not meant to live life with headaches, pain, digestive problems etc.. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you should be having a less than optimum level of health. There is a very good example a South African professional golfer named Gary Player is 78 years of age and is in an high optimal level of health. He maintains a healthy nutrition plan, works out hard every day, makes sure his nervous system is checked on a consistent basis and would probably out shine most people who are younger than him. So you are the only one that can make the choice of health and make sure that you are doing everything you can to live that way.

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