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by floodlightseo


Categories: Wellness Blog

by floodlightseo


Here is a synopsis of what you missed last week at our annual Natural Immunity presentation. For the 57 of you who came, I KNOW you loved it because told me; thank you for coming!

For those of you who could not, here is essentially the problem. 1st of all, you are born into a medical culture that teaches you your body is dumb. Yes, you heard right; that is the bad bill of health being philosophically sold. You either love that message, or realize something different is better.

Here is what I mean. It starts with pregnancy. This is now a scary condition rather than a beautiful experience. Now 40% of all births are born into the world through a traumatic surgery called a c-section, which is now a common experience. This is not to make someone feel bad whom may have need it, the World Health Organization is now stating that this should occur 8% of the time, not 40%!!!!

Why Is This Related To Your Immunity?

Well, now life starts in a sympathetic shock, (most mammals give birth in dark quiet places), and instead of getting right to mom’s breast, for the LIQUID Gold, called breast milk, the baby needs to be in a plastic crib with bright lights while mom recovers from her drugs. This significantly reduces the baby’s ability to latch, and get breast milk, so now formula come into the picture. Formula does not substitute breast milk. Then baby is give a plethora of vaccines during the 1st few months of life.

In the USA, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests over 50 vaccines in the 1st 6 years of life! The next closest country in the world is England around 24. The world health organization ranks us at 38th on the infant mortality of industrialized countries. Obviously, we are doing something wrong, and more vaccines, flu shots, and antibiotics are NOT helping.

What this is doing is one, not allowing our children to grow up naturally strengthening their immune system. (If you want to grow a muscle at the gym, it has to hurt a little first. If you just stand around the drinking fountain and eat gummy bear vitamins, your muscles don’t get stronger! Its the same with your immune system and brain. Its needs to be challenged to get stronger.

Ok, so now these kids who are growing up have weak immune systems, too many antibiotics, which wipe out all of the good bacteria in the body, leading to more problems like asthma. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that 68% of all antibiotics prescribed are not necessary. UHHMMM…any drug that is not necessary is DANGEROUS.

All us this ends up rev’ing up the T2 mediated immune system and the T1 is bypassed because of all the synthetic approach of vaccines and antibiotics. (google T2 and T1)…way to science oriented for a quick blog. Essentially, kids will rev’ed up T2 immunity are sensitive to EVERYTHING, and then medicine has us blame it on our genetics, nuts, and strawberries, and kids now can’t go to school. In my own son’s grade school (BLAINE CPS)..they have a NO NUT policy. Meaning we can’t bring a nut to school. This teaches kids that nuts are bad, and that their body is dumb.

Top this off with the TOTALLY misunderstood concept of the germ theory. Most parents are deathly afraid of germs. They use antibacterial wipes, soaps, pumps, for EVERYTHING. If germs actually caused disease, the all the kids in a classroom would be sick, not just some. It is about the immune system, not the germ. DO NOT — USE ANTIBACTERIAL anything unless you work in the ER doing surgery! Most bacteria is good for us and most of us don’t have enough exposure to it, because everyone is trying to kill everything and buying the latest product that is 99.9999999 percent Kill everything ready. Guys, health comes from within, not from a wipes bottle or pump.

We have the solution to this immunity crisis and it lies in improving the function of the nervous system. That is why we adjust everyone in our office, give advice on how to not treat a fever with medication, etc. If you have more questions, just ask! This is a tipping point in our culture….people are asking questions, tired of the same old tired advice of more vaccines and antibiotic, tubes in ears, inhalers, zyrtech, cingular, etc….you don’t need everything to drug you dumb body. Your body is born with a innate intelligence and you need to learn how to work with it, from birth.

I love you all. If you read the whole thing, I send you a huge hug, and lets keep spreading truth, reducing fear, and bring this country to a new level of freedom and consciousness regarding our health.

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