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by floodlightseo


Categories: Wellness Blog

by floodlightseo


There is a big war out there.

Real Doctors Vs. Quacks

One side says:
“Medical doctors are here to end human kind. They just want my money.They are all paid by big pharma.”

Other side says:
“Quacks (chiropractors, naturopaths, accupuncturists, etc) are not real professionals. They sell pseudoscience, we are all gonna die!”

Let me tell you a thing or 2 about this war as I am in the trenches.

When my scalp was cut in half and I was nearly bleeding to death (yes, it happened in a very clumsy accident), guess who I was so grateful to have on my team? Never mind that it was my beautiful wife who collaborated with the 30+ stitches and nearly a blood transfusion.

When a close family member was unable to have children after postponing motherhood for 41 plus years, I was grateful that modern medicine was able to achieve something so miraculous. She became a doctor and by the grace of modern medicine, a mom!

And this is the other side…

When a busy female pediatrician (a real doctor!) found herself struggling with insomnia and anxiety, she was grateful there was a more wholesome and holistic approach than jumping the gun and go for psychotropic medication or sleeping pills. She was aware that something drastic needed to change in her life and through “quackery care” she was able to achieve it!

When a nephrologist (another real doctor!) found his baby was unable to have regular bowel movements, and his wife insisted to bring the baby to our office, he was reluctant, there was no way in hiding that. But luckily, he was receptive to learning the science behind our chiropractic profession and it just made sense! Never mind his child went on to have excellent bowel function, and his 2 other children who also are chiroproactic patients, haven’t had the need for antibiotics in over a year!.

I have a confession to make.

Early in my career, I did find myself attacking allopathic professionals in a manner which lacked grace, and for that, I am not proud. Over the years, I not only learned class, but I also learned an appreciation. There is a time and a place for modern medicine and I will always be eternally grateful for medical advances that can save us from, lets just say my type of silly accident. Do i think all doctors have been blessed with the grace of god? Absolutely not! Some are real assholes that are not willing to learn, or contemplate any new way in how we care and treat the human frame and its potential, let alone even ponder about the body’s own potential to heal itself or prevent dis-ease. But let me also tell ya…there are some quacks who lack humility and therefore are unable to respect others. There are some real assholes also in the quackery world that demand “recognition”, “respect” or “validation” without displaying any type of respect.

So what is it, Dr. McKinley?

Bottom line is this.

Have a philosophy and be true to it. Have passion for what you believe in. Be willing to listen and learn from others. Recognize their and your own limitations. Be thankful for your body, and its amazing abilities. Take care of your body as a true temple (its the only place you can live in!). Practice what you preach. Love (and lots of it) above ego, diplomas or degrees.

So yes Doctor, lets just be friends.



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