Recently I was sitting at my favorite smoothie joint, Real Juice on Southport, and I recognized someone I knew sitting with her friend and her friend’s newborn and toddler.  After introductions, my friend told her friend she should talk to me about her 3 years olds multiple ear infections.  She replied, “So, THAT REALLY is a thing, ..I’ve read about it.”

Since so few doctors of chiropractic are trained to treat children, she did not know where to start.  So, Yes, not only is it a thing, but this THING called the chiropractic adjustment works so fast and good with no side effects, that it is remarkable it took almost 120 years for it to become fairly common public knowledge.  That being said, there are still a majority of parents till relying on antibiotics for common childhood issues, like ear infections, weakening the child’s immune system.  Even the CDC recently stated in May 2018 that nearly 47 million antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary in children…30% or more of all kids!

The most common conditions in infancy and childhood that specific, gentle, adjustments can correct and eliminate the need for meds are:

  • Colic …correction equals happy and sane parents J
  • Constipation…eliminate the need for the popular Rx Mryalax of which side effects can lead to OCD symptoms according to recent studies
  • Better sleep ….better sleep means healthier growing baby and rested parents
  • Ear infections…eliminate the need for antibiotics, keep good bacteria in your body to have a healthier digestive tract, and stop poor immunity that eventually leads to tubes in the ears, then removal of tonsils and adenoids, and eventually childhood asthma. This cycle starts with ear infections and antibiotic use…stop it naturally before you get on the medical treadmill.  Let your child be able to swim without earplugs and enjoy childhood sports!

There are a host of reasons why today’s kids are so immune deficient and sensitive to foods, but a big one is the destructive nature of antibiotics and the havoc it brings to the gut flora early in life.  A child who has 2 rounds of antibiotic use before the age of 2 is 50% more likely to go through the typical treadmill of issues I just described above.

The adjustments work the same in kids as they do in adults, just different, gentle techniques are used.  They work by eliminating or removing structural and neurological interference to the nervous system, so the child’s body can get back into a relaxed, “parasympathetic”, state in order to stimulate the self-adaptation component of healing, which generally starts with better sleep.

Think of it this way, if you, as an adult are struggling with anxiety, stress, immune deficiency, pain, etc…then you probably notice it is harder to rest.  Well, it’s no different with kids, but when the stress to the system is removed or alleviated with an adjustment and changes to nutrition and lifestyle, the body can return to a healing state.  This stuck in a stressed or anxious state can start as early as birth if there was a long or stressful labor that needed intervention, such as epidural or c section.  (Check out my rubber band video for visual explanation)

At the end of the day, kids love getting adjusted at our office, especially on our own table or our Cinderella or start wars tables.  Its so easy, they respond fast, and they get that their body fixed the problem on its own and did not depend on drugs or chemicals.  This alone is worth the subconscious price of admission!  Most of the issues we treat see results in less than a week or two.  The first step is simply having the consultation to find where and what is causing the restriction or interference to the child.

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