Does my kid have attention deficit or he is just a normal kid?
Why does my kid wake up so many times during the night?
My kid has been sick all winter, is there anything I can do for him/her?
My kid doesn’t like to read, what should I do?
My teenager seems depressed. Is this what is expected at this stage?
Breastfeeding is more challenging that I anticipated. What can I do?
I would like to have a natural childbirth, how do I go about it?
I am constantly tired. Is this how all the mothers ought to feel?
My 3 year old has terrible tantrums. I need help.

Moms: These are a handful of questions that go through our minds in 10 minutes. We may ask a friend, but her parenting styles are totally different. We ask our doctor, but there is no time during a regular office visit to address all your concerns, or in some cases, you “problems” are shushed with a diagnosis or a medication. You ask your mom…but times have changed.
Well…we have a solution for you momma!
Join Dr. Heath and Monica for an informational once a month gathering to cover topics from children’s health and immunity, to tips and tricks so your child can reach his ultimate potential and your family can truly thrive.
Both experts on the field of natural parenting they are on a passionate mission to change the way in which we raise our children.
Moms can’t do it alone. They need their tribe.

PS1: We are not diagnosing or treating any illness during these informal gatherings

PS2: food, laughter, and hugs are optional.

PS3: this is a FREE event for the community. Dads are welcomed, we know they need their tribe too. Children are welcomed. Leaving kiddos at home is also acceptable. We don’t have many rules! Just show up, soak up some learning and good company. Grab your best friend. They may need this tribe more than you.

@ McKinley Family Chiropractic
RSVP valerie@mckinleychiro.com or (773) 583-4325

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