Do you know how much I know about plumbing?


So the toilet broke in our office. Many things can break…but not the toilet. We see too many pregnant patients, too many toddlers that are potty training, and many patients that have resolved constipation after 1 adjustment….in all these cases…when you gotta go, you gotta go! We were sure there was a minor blockage in the toilet itself, as we had suspicion a little youngster threw something in it (toy). My office staff goes not only ABOVE and BEYOND, but also UNDER. They purchased a new toilet, a new tool to unclog the pipe and voila! Toilet was fixed in 1 flush.
Only to break again after 2 uses. So we went like this for about 1 week. Until…we called the professionals…!

Plumbers came and long story short there was a major blockage on the “mother pipe” originating all the way in the street. Something that was tracking from defaults of work the city did months ago. Lots of thinking and many hours of work later the problem was fixed where it had started. Our old beloved toilet was blamed for no reason.

You would thinking after almost 16 years in practice I would have picked up this analogy a little earlier. But when plumbing is clearly not your specialty, you make amateour impulsive decisions.

You see…its no different with your health, if  you think about it. You have a headache and think you are fixing it with a little tylenol?

Your child has had 4-5 colds or ear infections and you “fix” it with rounds of antibiotics?
Your baby is colicky and you start him on anti-reflux medication?

I have thousands of examples in which you can be under the “illusion” of fixing an ailment when in reality nothing is getting “fixed”. Its getting shushed and suppressed.

The beauty of chiropractic is that we get to the true cause, so you never end up purchasing a toilet for no reason, or having to constantly call a plumber every time something goes wrong.

“There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause” B.J Palmer

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