Here are 5 ideas to keep your family super fit, active, healthy and happy during this season.

  1. Get outside (yep, OUT-SIDE!): bundle up, and just do it. Hikes, walks around your neighborhood, ice skating, snow treking, walking to your local supermarket, sledding, playing with sticks, leaves, etc. We all need as much Vit D as we can get, so bundle up and use daylight hours to get outside. Remember, hot tea is always an option for when you get back and that in it of itself, is sufficient motivation for me!
  2. Indoor sports: even if you are not the biggest fan of structured activities for your children, there is a time and a place for organized sports, and I believe winter is one of them! It is proven that sports and physical activity stimulate physical and emotional well-being, improving mental sharpness as well. So take on a new skill (ice skating perhaps?) and sign up. Many local park districts have all kinds of classes for all ages and skill levels.
  3. Dance parties: shall i explain more? We are the biggest fans of blasting the music in the house and pretend we are on a talent show. Not sure if we are TV material, but somehow we do all end up with a sweat, in a better mood, without as much realizing it was dark at 430pm.
  4. Take a trip to another city or town. I am not necessarily speaking about escaping to Mexico (although if you could, why not?) but even a simple trip for a long weekend to a nearby town will do it. The charm of a exploring a new place, will make you forget and brave the cold. Maybe you take on a new winter sport? But even just walking around a new place will get you off your couch and will allow you to turn TV off.
  5. Games, games and more games: We have been able to make our home look like the Ultimate ninja worrior gym before just using pillows, blankets and chairs. We have modified sharades to look like your Latin Zumba class! Just get creative!We do enjoy a movie by the fireplace from time to time. But the trick is to enjoy winter together, stay fit, active, and agile without succumbing to electronics.

What are your tricks to keep your family active during winter?
Share them, we would love to hear them!

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