You know who inspired us to create this awesome fall campaign? Walgreens and CVS! Before you commit us to the insane asylum, hear us out : )
If I told you “I got it”, would you know what I’m talking about?  People wear their “I got it” stickers after getting their flu shots. They wear them like a badge of honor, as if to say “I am saving myself, saving my family, protecting yours and saving humanity”! Its something I’m proud I did, and here is my sticker to prove it!
Isn’t it amazing the power of a sticker?
So it got us thinking…What is it that TRULY protects us? What will protect our families and the future of our kids?  After such an event packed year with so many tragedies, what will save humanity from all the sickness, physical and mental?
Chiropractic families share many core values; faith in the body, trust in a higher power, and living life at an optimum level of health and happiness. So yes, if each one of us is enjoying boundless health and our families are thriving, that is a good start. But what else can we do to contribute? At McKinley Chiropractic, we feel responsible for not only restoring health, but also for providing hope, and ultimately for leaving an impact in our community so it can truly thrive beyond our brick and mortar clinic. So this is about a movement that starts here…in our office. But we don’t really know where it ends…!

So here it is…

From November 1st-November 20th, each member of our practice will have an opportunity to participate (voluntary). After your adjustment, you will get a chance to draw a card with a task for you to complete. The task could be as simple as helping carrying the groceries for someone, to inviting someone else with their coffee, or taking your mom out for lunch (just because!). All kids are encouraged to participate and the tasks will be arranged by age group. So little kids may be asked to spend a day without any electronics (would they survive, haha?!) and older kids to cook dinner, or read a story to an elderly person. There is plenty of things for all to do. No incredible amount of money is required for most of these tasks. For most, its just the willingness to do SOMETHING.  After each task was completed, you will earn your “IGETIT” sticker. A REAL sticker that truly shows your super-powers! Which means YOU are part of healing the universe. You are invited to snap a pic of your “task” and upload it under the #igetit hashtag! It would be so uplifting to see what we are all doing and how our webs are spreading in Chi town. Since we also want to give back to YOU, we will be choosing 1 adult and 1 child from all participants and you will be getting REAL prizes (think thanksgiving and whole foods, and think books/puzzles for your kids this winter!).

Chiropractic is more than just the absence of disease. Its enjoying an unprecedented level of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Join us this thanksgiving season with acts that truly GIVE.



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