Is your family at home suffering while you are here getting better?
I just had a long time member of our office come in this morning for a specific adjustment to help her perform at optimal function.  She has a demanding job as a Chicago Police Officer.  On her way out she was telling me about her husband who has asthma and is suffering because they had mold at home.  Even her daughter was a concern.  My initial reaction was complete shock: 1) that after more than a year of coming to appreciate what it is we do at our office, that she didn’t know Chiropractic would help her husband overcome asthma naturally, without meds! 2) That she didn’t know we could help kids too!  Many of you reading this bring your whole family (if not your whole neighborhood) in to see us, but I guess it is always a shock to see people who have known us for years, continue to let the rest of the family get worse, waiting for symptoms to show up or get worse.  I’ll take some of the blame as education is really my job, but I know for many they learn but don’t take action until things get worse.
I’m begging all of you to NOT take that road.  Everyone should be checked for subluxations in the nervous system to allow for optimal function.  Can you imagine going to a dentist only when your teeth hurt?  You probably wouldn’t even go until you were 40 years old.  There is a better way folks….natural care first, and it starts when they are kids, just like teeth!  40% of all kids are born by c-section, so almost half of our kids are born with spinal and nerve deficiency just because of the trauma from birth, let alone, the 1000’s of falls learning to walk, the plethera of antibiotics and vaccines trashing their immune systems, tylenols for headaches and sports injurys, then the asthma meds, adhd drugs, birth control pills, ambien to help college kids sleep, then the prescription drugs start in the 30’s and 40’s for high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid problems….were do I stop.  Drug after drug after drug….Who wants more to save our country from this health crisis.  While I am certainly not opposed to medications, as they do have their place, I am for things natural first, and the the chiropractic lifestyle supports this 100%.    Take advantage of the last month of summer and get your kids checked before school starts and start living natural.  Get your husband off his tushy and start the health cycle now, not next year when his M.D. say..you need LIPITOR, etc!
ok, I’m done….gotta get back to work 🙂
pss..For those of you , and there are many, who do refer your family and friends, PLEASE know that it is the HIGHEST honor to care for them.  We have a wonderful business and help a lot of people.  My life has been blessed in too many ways to count, but none of it would be possible without your trust in OUR message by referring your loved ones to us.  THANK YOU Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!  keep up the great work!
much love,
Dr. McKinley
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