The first decade of McKinley Chiropractic marks a wonderful milestone filled with tremendous experiences, gratitude, friendships, love, and above all people choosing to be well naturally with our message of the chiropractic lifestyle.

Personally, I am proud of all of you who have trusted our expertise these past ten years for you and your family.  Ten years ago when it was just my wife Monica (thats a different Monica that our Monica at the front desk:) ) and myself,  I was 27 years old and had all the passion in the world to get our community on the road to wellness naturally. I thought it was going to be so easy.  Three months later, in August of 2002, I was already feeling the anxiety of not only being a doctor, but the trials and tribulations of running a business in general.  I had many mornings when my wife would try to pump me up and tell me to just keep teaching the message, and eventually people will GET IT.  Well, little by little, year by year, thats what happened, YOU guys just started to GET IT.  That you are born with a beautiful nervous system, that,when adjusted properly,helps you self heal and self regulate.  Thats the purpose of the adjustment.  So wether it’s helping people with migraines,  or acid reflux, sciatica, or childhood ear infections, depression, or anxiety, everyone that has come in has eventually understood that the only reason we adjust you is to take pressure off the nervous system so YOU start healing YOU better naturally.

In 2005, we hired the amazing Sarita (Sarah Gomez), my wife went back to school to get her master’s degree.  In 2006, we got so busy we hired the always reliable and happy Dr. Jeremy Arthur, and in 2009 Ali left for North Carolina, so we welcomed the beautiful Monica Sanchez.  We have been busier every year thanks to YOUR referral and trust in our service to help your kids, neighbors, co-workers, or family. Without your voice, we would have had no chance in making the impact we have these past ten years.

For those of you who didn’t already hear, if you are scheduled to get adjusted on Friday, May 18th it will be not only another great adjustment, but a day filled with fun and surprises you will love as we celebrate the anniversary.  So, if you aren’t scheduled yet, call today to make sure you get on Friday!

We have lofty goals and vision for the next ten years.  Many of you already know we are doing chiropractic mission work in Peru and the Amazon Jungle.  We are going to send Dr Arthur next, then Monica and hopefully Sarah too!  We also plan on starting a satellite clinic in Montevideo, Uruguay by the end of 2013.  It has always been a dream of mine to give back to my wife’s homeland and to the culture that has inspired me more than any other to simply help others.  For those of you that know me best, I try my best to be a latin gringo, if there is such a thing!

Many of you have asked me about us getting more space or moving offices.  Well, although its very busy and tight at times, we still have room to grow in our current location, but with your continued support and referrals, we should be looking to upgrade to a bigger location in the next 18 months.  Its all so very exciting, and I truly look forward to what I’ll have to write for our 20th anniversary.

Much love and respect!


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