This word has obvious negative connotations about it, but handling it quickly rather than avoiding it, is one of the best things you can do to ensure good health and wellness in your life.  I’ll be honest, I am naturally not one to confront.  I am a pretty easy going guy outside of the office, but I have learned over the years as a business owner and a doctor that confronting issues as soon as possible avoids accumulating stress in your body.  Like a cup filling up with water, eventually, you won’t have room for more and the cup “runneth” over!  In life this could lead to a multitude of health issues such as loss of sleep, headaches, irritability, neck and back pain, etc, not to mention the actual issue itself that is unresolved, sure to be getting worse and to come back again for you to run away from.

Just this past week, I had to call a practice member’s Medical doctor to explain to them their negligence on a very important issue.  Our phone conversation was not pleasant, especially as the other doctor had to listen to my assertive display of the facts, but in the end, they knew my position and I knew theirs, and the patient was able to decide for themselves what they wanted to do.  I was, in turn, able to focus on the next adjustment without my mind wondering on the issue. I could fall asleep easier at night.

Too often I think we as a culture are prone to take the easy way out of sticky circumstances.  Ask yourself today: “what issue is bothering me that, if I actually confront it, will, while causing a temporary uncomfortable feeling or situation, actually create a sense of abundance and freedom in your life.    The answer could be related to explaining to a superior at work your TRUE feelings, or disciplining your child the way you know you should but the pain of crying or fighting stops you. And of course we could also be talking about confronting yourself on your wellness routine….the way you eat, sleep, or exercise.

My challenge to you is to try to confront at least one issue a day.  That means in one year you will have addressed 365 different issues in your life that are negatively affecting you!  How different would your life be? This exercise is like an emotional detox….the first few days may be rough, but then you start feeling more energy by the freedom you have given back to your life, trading short term pain for long term gain.

Let’s confront the truth together in 2012!!!!!


Much love,


Dr. McKinley

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