I would like thank all of you who told me last week that my 70.3 blog had inspired you.  (If you didn’t read it, click here).  I have received more positive feedback in the form of smiles, hugs, “how else can I help” type of responses than any other blog I have written in the last few years.  You see, we all have the ability to MAKE change, in fact its part of what life is about anyway.  We can sit back and be forced to adapt to change, or we can wake up early and DECIDED to change for the greater good, not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us.  Of course if you are under regular chiropractic care, your nervous system will allow you to adapt to this change better, so good job everyone!

Change will only be long lasting if you have a true base or philosophy behind your purpose, otherwise you will constantly need an inspiring blog to motivate you.  One of the best ways I have found to build a stronger purpose for all that i do, is to be grateful.  Whether you pray, or meditate, or journal, or do yoga, or simply take a walk with your dog and talk to the neighbors with a warm smile in your mind, be sure to give appreciation for all that is and COULD BE.   This type of emotion is essential for slowing down the mind in order to really think about why we would BE OR DO anything.  Most people are too busy or tired to make conscious change (they need to be in our office getting adjusted), These people end up unconsciously leaving change in their life to chance….leading to many life changes that they DON’T want!  Because of this they do making change in their life, just not to things they want, while at the same time feeling forced and rushed, and therefore creating more stress, less purpose, and ultimately a mundane existence.

Think of it like this.  If your mind is a cup of water that holds 9 ounces, then you can’t add more than 9 ounces in unless you poor out a little.  Being grateful on a regular basis, consciously, allows you mind to empty out and open up to a lot more, one of those being the ability to change for the greater good.  This is also an incredibly helpful form of health to your nervous system and mental health, areas which most people ignore.  I know many people who eat well and exercise alot, but also take prozac or need ambien to sleep…I call them fit sick people.  Health is how you function mentally, physcially, chemically, and spiritually.  Not working on at least one of them regularly will certainly lead to a weak link in your armour, eventually causing dis-ease in your body.

My challenge to you is this: BE GRATEFUL on a daily basis!  Can you imagine not only how much better your health could be, but the planet as well, if everyone actually did this?

It starts with YOU….make change and be grateful!


Dr. McKinley


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