As some of you may have noticed (at least I hope you noticed), I was out of the office last week Wednesday through Friday. I wish I could say that I was at an exciting chiropractic conference or sitting on a beach somewhere, but, alas, I was at home, in bed, sick. My symptoms included: fever, congestion and runny nose, headache, dizziness, and low energy. I’m still left with a lingering cough. My question to you is: were my symptoms a good or bad thing?

The answer depends on your view of what health is.  If your view of health involves feeling good then obviously they were a bad thing.  I felt like crap!  But if you view health, as I do, as the optimum functioning of the body, then my symptoms were a very good thing.  They were signs that my body was doing what it needed to to fight off infection.  Lets take a look at each symptom and what positive effect they had on my body:

  • fever – raising the body’s temperature in order to kill whatever organism was invading my body
  • congestion and runny nose – the by products of the white blood cells attacking the improper organism as well as my body trapping them in the mucous membranes so as not to let them infect deeper
  • headache, dizziness, and low energy – my body’s way of making me stay and bed, rest, and allow it to do its thing.
  • My lingering cough – breaking up and expelling the products left over in my lungs from the body fighting the infection

Look, it sucks to get sick.  Believe me I would have much rather been in the office working, not lying in bed.  But over the long haul I am better off going through what I just went through – I know that my body can fight something off in a relatively short amount of time, the next time I’m exposed to it I have developed natural immunity to it, and I’m back in the office today rested and relaxed.  Getting sick was a good thing!!!

Another good thing is Dr. M’s Birthday Bash this Friday at Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Bistro!  Everyone who has RSVP’d thank you, if they haven’t already, you will be receiving a call from Monica or Sarah confirming you and your guests.  We still have a few seats left for anyone else who wants to attend.  Please call us today with your name and your number of guests so we can seat you.  It’s gonna be a great time!!!

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