Now that it is winter in Australia, they are beginning to go through the FEAR mentality of the FLU like we did last year.did u take ur pills??!
Remember how they told us we were all going to get really sick and die with the so called H1N1 outbreak? What a joke….it wasn’t any different than any other year, and “the outbreak” because people got vaccinated.

We have such a surplus of the H1N1 vaccine, that government ads are popping up on bus billboards and bus stops, and on tv commercials, in order to get rid of it. Myself or my family didn’t get that untested, unproven vaccine, and now after new news coming out of Australia, I’m really glad we didn’t! Australia is calling for a ban on the flu vaccine as it has caused many convulsions in children under five. What’s really scary is that children and pregnant women are who they market it towards the most! It makes me sick!  At least Australia is willing to admit when danger exists, and is working to take steps to see if there is a better way.  We had the same vaccine here in the US.  Does any think that they same things weren’t happening to our children?  My wife, Monica, works in the ER at Mt. Sinai here in Chicago, and I KNOW she saw convulsions in children who took the vaccine hours before!  Yet, our own government is conducting a huge market campaign to get rid of the unused vaccine (for which we, the American people, paid pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars for) before it expires.  Why are we in a situation where the US government is acting like a drug dealer on the street corner?

Educate before you vaccinate….there is a better way!

Our annual vaccine seminar is coming in August, so keep a look out. Lots of people want to know more about the truth, and it’s my absolute pleasure to reduce fear by teaching TRUTH!

Be Well,

Dr. Heath McKinley

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