We are grateful. Very grateful. Many families are eternally grateful. Sad part is, you will very rarely hear about them.

When we opened the doors to this amazing place of hope and healing 15 years ago, we believed in our mission: Getting people healthy, keeping them healthy, and seeing them thrive. And over the years here at McKinley Chiropractic, we have witnessed thousands of miracles. We have seen injured and disabled athletes go back to their passion fully healed and with more stamina than ever. We have seen elderly folks ditch countless bottles of worthless, poisonous drugs and shift back into full, productive, thriving existences. We have seen fathers incapacitated with back pain or other forms of musculoskeletal pains go back to being youthful and able to play with their children. We have seen women get their periods on a regular pattern. We have seen countless women being able to achieve pregnancies after years of dealing with infertility. We have seen thousands of babies, many with colic or breastfeeding difficulties, shift into happy, healthy, and thriving young creatures.Testimonials? We have many. We have been blessed to be able to help so many people over the years, and luckily, we thrive mainly on referrals from these amazing stories of transformation and hope. And I do get it. Stories are powerful. They ignite a level of passion because we have been in a place of despair. Stories stimulate change, especially when the stories have good endings. And this has been the case with so many of our patients.

But let me let you in on a little secret: I don’t have a major revelation to tell you. We don’t have a powerful story for you. Many of our patients cannot engage you in a “life altering” before and after story. And this is why…

Our doors have been open 13 years. We have been blessed enough to take care of families for a long time. We were active participants in ensuring moms got adjusted during their pregnancies, we encouraged natural childbirth and extended breastfeeding. Moms brought their tiny babies to get checked, if not the same day they were born, then the day after. Recently, it dawned on me that several of these babies were now teenagers! These kids, our future, have no interesting stories for you; they’re pretty uninteresting, as far as their medical histories go. They never had to overcome a major sickness or recuperate from any “spectrum” issues because they never existed to begin with. They never needed multiple rounds of antibiotics for ear infections, nor have they needed surgeries to remove tonsils or place ear tubes. They never had behavioral issues in school. They rarely missed school because of illness. They never needed the flu shot, because their bodies are so strong and unshakable that no virus could have a prayer against their strong immunities. They don’t suffer from obesity or diabetes. Their moms don’t need to pop pills all day for headaches, or for insomnia or anxiety. Their dads participate fully in all their sports or other activities, and never miss a game of tennis in their own time. Their grandparents look so young, people ask where the fountain of youth is.

All these families I have gotten to know and care for over the years have no testimonials to write and share with you. They just have no life changing story of recovery.

I am very thankful for those cases that I have had the honor to care for in my office over the years. And although I do like stories of survival and witnessing miracles, I prefer to avoid all the drama all together whenever possible. That goes at home, too! At first, I thought it was a coincidence that from all of my kids, none of them needed to ingest any type of poison for anything in their life. Ever. Honey and a chiropractic adjustment have always been sufficient. But caring for thousands of patients over the years, this pattern started repeating itself with all my patients. When you look at a kid that is pure, raw, and just the way it was sent to us, you can tell right away. You can tell these kids apart in a crowd of millions.

Sometimes I wonder if I sharing more of these miraculous stories with you – those that have not caught on the miracle of chiropractic – could be what you need to change your “regular” doctor and come see us for some hope and healing. But then I think about all the sickness we have avoided. All the lives we have touched, now being lived at their maximum potential. And then I think… Recovery stories are great. Thanks for sharing yours. But no thanks. My story is the one that never needed sharing because it never existed in the first place. My story is that I am living a FULL life. I am ALIVE and WELL. I am strong and my kids are strong. The power that made the body, heals the body. I am HAPPY. I am healthy. I am not just living, but thriving.

In this season of giving thanks, I want to thank all of you. I want to thank those that, unfortunately, had to go through health struggles before coming to see me, and who have kindly shared your transformational stories with the world. But I also want to thank all the rest of you, the families I have known over the years with no story to tell. Do I think recovery stories are more powerful to those hesitant to change? Absolutely! But I don’t want one other single Chicagoan to have to go through struggle before they get the hope they need. So thanks for all the stories. But, no thanks!

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