It’s that time of year when the weather starts to change. And, like clockwork, as soon as the crisp first week of fall arrives, the young adults working at Jewel and CVS start wearing their “ASK ME ABOUT THE FLU SHOT” shirts. Fortunately, for the first time in over a decade, fewer people received the flu shot in 2012 than 2011. We hope to see that trend continue in the years ahead, as more and more people come to realize that health doesn’t come from a bottle or a vaccine.

We’ve reached the tipping point! Even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has stated that the flu shot is only 9-10% effective!  9%!! Come on! I mean, if I put a sign on my window that something was 9% effective and also came with negative side effects – including a higher risk of inflammation, autoimmune disease, and heart attacks – I’d be out of business in a week! 

It’s also interesting that the CDC recommends that the flu shot is most important for elderly and pregnant women. It doesn’t make any sense! First of all, vaccinating mothers does NOT reduce respiratory illness in their newborns or infants, plus the American Academy of Pediatrics states “mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children” – hence why physicians tell pregnant women to avoid eating sushi. But we’re telling these same women that they need the vaccine – despite the presence of mercury in the flu shot vaccine? If you are confused with that double talk, good. You should be, because it’s flat out stupid logic.

And it’s not just pregnant women who are at risk from the shot. As we mentioned above, prominent researchers and clinicians have found links between the flu vaccine and cardiovascular changes, inflammation, and even mental health. Many countries don’t allow the flu shot to be given to their population, because of this well-publicized research. Not the USA, where the leading philosophy is “let’s fix everything with a drug or a shot.” Yeah, if you believe that is working, then you need to seriously challenge your philosophy on health.

So, let’s finish with some good health philosophy! First, the body self-heals and self regulates ALL the time.  It needs no help or interference. Germs DON’T cause disease, weak immune systems do! This is why only two kids stay home sick in a class of 30.  Did the other 28 kids not touch or breathe the same air?  Just like a muscle, immune systems need to be tested to be strengthened, and those tests must be natural, not artificial, otherwise you skip important metabolic and immunological steps while also introducing side effects and a whole other set of problems.

Ever wondered why going into a school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich these days is like going in with a bomb? Everyone is allergic to everything these days, because kids are not growing up with naturally strengthened immune systems. Drugs, the flu shot, a plethora of other vaccines, antibiotics, fever reducers, etc. have all invaded our culture. More and more kids are having asthma and allergies and immune deficiencies now than ever before!  Why? Because our prevailing health philosophy is all wrong! Germs aren’t weakening the next generation – we are!

I don’t have the time to explain it all in this blog, but just understand this, for example. Fevers are important to the body. They kill bacteria and viruses!  Yet we stop them because of FEAR -FEAR that our bodies are stupid or that our kids will die, all the result of misinformation. FEAR will do a lot to change logic, and we are seeing it firsthand. Do not be afraid, just understand that you need to support the body’s natural function, even if you don’t like how it feels. I HATE watching my kids have fevers, but I appreciate that the fever is helping them. That’s why we choose to live the way we do.

We are not against drugs per se, we just don’t use them unless it’s a true emergency. My kids are all under six years old, and we have not had an emergency yet, thank God!  But yes, no drop of a drug or vaccine in their bloodstream since birth.  Just love, good organic food, all-natural health care, along with lots of play and learning.

End of story? You either believe the universe is intelligent or it is not, and the same goes for your body. If your current philosophy is not serving you and your family, or worse yet, if your actions for health are incongruent with your philosophy, then please come and learn from us. We have several health care workshops every month.  Email me, find me on Facebook, or give our office a ring – our whole team loves this stuff!

Making sure the body is neurologically in tune boosts the immune system by over 200%. This is why we suggest people consider natural, side effect free adjustments and the wellness lifestyle. You’ll see better results than you will if you keep going straight to preventive methods like the flu shot, which boasts nothing but a poor track record and serious side effects.

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  • Claire A. Gavrel

    You are so right. I mean that the CDC said that vaccines are only 9% effective. To me that says that vaccines are mostly not effective. So why bother recommending the vaccines in Walgreens or Doctor’s office ? Makes no sense. Thank you for addressing the vaccine issue.

    • dev

      Could you imagine if my services were 9% effective? I never know if I should cry or laugh at the whole flu shot ordeal 🙂

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